Our Staff

Street Address
Hermitage Elementary
1701 Pleasure House Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

E-Mail Contact
Webmaster: [email protected]

Office Hours
7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Student Hours
8:40 a.m. - 3:10 p.m. (except holidays)

Phone Numbers
Voice: 757.648.2600
Fax: 757.460.7138
Clinic: 757.648.2607
Cafeteria: 757.648.2609
Library: 757.648.2619
Gym: 757.648.2600 ext. 54113
Guidance: 757.648.2612


Ms. A. Munari, Principal
Mrs. J. Freeman, Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Mrs. C. Bellomy, Bookkeeper Tagged by Superintendent, Spring 2017
Mrs. K. Garrison, Technology Support Technician
Mrs. B. Myrick, Attendance Tagged by Superintendent, Spring 2014
Mrs. L. Sheffy, Secretary Tagged by Superintendent, Fall 2014


Mrs. J. Stevens, Nurse


Mrs. E. Carroll, Security HES Teacher Assistant of the Year, 2018


Mrs. C. Minaya  Room #30, ext. 54150
Mrs. G. Palmer (Asst.)

Mrs. S. Szerokman  Room #27, ext. 54147 HES Reading Teacher of the Year, 2016
Mrs. T. Shand (Asst.)

Ms. T. Whitney  Room #29, ext. 54149
Mrs. T. Miller (Asst.)  BES Teacher Assistant of the Year, 2000 & 1996

First Grade

Mrs. C. Baraki  Room #31, ext. 54151 Great Dreams~Great Teachers Award
Mrs. L. Jones  Room #28, ext. 54148  HES Reading Teacher of the Year, 2019
Mrs. M. Katz  Room #33, ext. 54153 HES Reading Teacher of the Year, 2015 HES Teacher of the Year, 2014
Tagged by the Superintendent, 2011
Mrs. C. Stanley  Room #32, ext. 54152 HES Teacher of the Year, 2012
Ms. A. Tyler  Room #34, ext. 54154 HES Reading Teacher of the Year, 2015

Second Grade

Mr. R. Chavarria  Room #19, ext. 54139
Mrs. S. Gaff  Room #21, ext. 54141
Mrs. R. Gladden  Room #18, ext. 54138 HES Reading Teacher of the Year, 2018
Mrs. K. Matos  Room #22, ext. 54142

Third Grade

Mrs. A. Adams Room #15, ext. 54135
Mr. A. Burdon  Room #17, ext. 54137 Tagged by Superintendent, Spring 2016
Great Dreams~Great Teacher Award
Ms. A. Kaye  Room #14, ext. 54134
Ms. A. Ledlow  Room #5, ext. 54125
Mrs. P. McCann  Room #16, ext. 54136
Mrs. W. Robertson  Room #13, ext. 54133 

Fourth Grade

Ms. D. Abernathy  Room #9, ext. 54129
Ms. M. Hedish  Room #6, ext. 54126 Great Dreams ~ Great Teacher Award
Mrs. E. Massa  Room #8, ext. 54128
Mrs. L. Zeher  Room #7, ext. 54127 HES Teacher of the Year, Reading Teacher of the Year

Fifth Grade

Mrs. H. Anderson  Room #11, ext. 54131
Ms. T. Douberly  Room #2, ext. 54122 Great Dreams ~ Great Teacher Award
Ms. E. Flood  Room #10, ext. 54130
Ms. H. Lee  Room #3, ext. 54123
Mrs. K. Martin  Room #1, ext. 54121 HES Teacher of the Year, 2015

Exceptional Students

Ms. S. Bramley  Room #23, ext. 54143
Ms. B. Cotter (Asst.)
  Ms. I. Jones (Asst.)

Mrs. D. Caron  Speech, ext. 54158 Tagged by Superintendent, Spring 2015
Mrs. S. Edmonds  Room #12, ext. 54132

Ms. B. Kitchen  Room #12, ext. 54132
  Mrs. S. Hill-Perry (Asst.)  Tagged by Superintendent '10/'11

Mrs. C. Vtipil  Room #12, ext. 54132
  Mr. S. Whitney (Asst.)  


Mrs. J. Baker  Instrumental Music Specialist (Monday, Friday) / Salem HS
Ms. N. Carollo  Library Media Specialist, ext. 82619
  Mrs. A. Breuer (Asst.)  HES Assistant of the Year, 2017
Mrs. C. DiGioia  Reading Specialist (Tuesday) / Linkhorn ES
Mrs. T. Dyson-Roby  Instructional Technology Specialist, ext. 82617
Tagged by Superintendent, Fall 2017
HES Teacher of the Year, 2008 
Mrs. J. Kane  Music & Vocal Specialist, ext. 54160 Tagged by Superintendent, Spring 2018
Mrs. R. Pope-Matthews  Guidance Counselor (Tuesday), ext. 54160
Mrs. M. Moragne  PALS, ext. 54167
Ms. M. Parra  Math Specialist, ext. 54132
Mrs. K. Shiley  Reading Specialist, 
HES Teacher of the Year, 2018
Tagged by the Superintendent, Fall 2016
Ms. M. Koushel (Asst.)
Mrs. D. Smith  Gifted Resource Teacher, ext. 54163  Blog
HES Reading Teacher of the Year, 2014 HES Teacher of the Year, 2011 Mrs. M. Stokes  Guidance Counselor, ext. 82612 Website 
Mr. C. Watrous PE Specialist, ext. 54113
Mrs. K. Ford (Asst.)
Mrs. J. Kavanagh (Asst.)
Mrs. T. Shuler (Asst.)
Mrs. L. Wynn  Art Specialist, ext. 54155 
HESTeacher of the Year, 2017

Custodial & Cafeteria Services

Mr. G. Calizaire  Evening Head Custodian
Mrs. A. Cress Cafeteria
Mr. C. Greene Custodian
Mrs. C. Haley Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. C. Harvey Cafeteria Monitor
Mrs. M. McHugh Custodian
Mr. G. Skinner Daytime Head Custodian Tagged by the Superintendent
Mrs. E. Soto Cafeteria
Mrs. A. Tungul Custodian